Electromechanical thermostats (TH01)


This thermostat keeps the cable at the desired temperature and provides some advantages :

 * the cable is energized when necessary, the energy is consumed is then less.
 * The life of the cable is increased.
 * the cable will not overheat.

If the temperature at the probe exceeds the set point, the microswitch is actuated, which causes the electrical circuit to open or close. As soon as the temperature is lower than the setpoint, the break contact resumes its rest position.


 * Cut-off point adjustable from the outside by rotary knob.
 * Protection rating : IP 54.
 * Cable gland : Cable gland M20 for cable diameter 6-12mm.
 * Fixing of the housing : Mounting on hose with fixing collar (15-100mm), installation in protective sleeve, wall mounting.
 * Weight : 0.2 kg.
 * Capillary copper : 2000mm.
 * Diameter of the copper probe (d) x L mm : 6 x 87.


Contact type : microswitch with unipolar changeover contact.

Breaking capacity :
 * on opening contact : 230V, 16A.
 * on closing contact : 203V, 6.3 A.

Connection : Terminal contact.


Look at electrical connection instructions.

 * Switching differential : approx. 3K.
 * Setting range : 0 ° C to 120 ° C
 * Threshold temperature :
 ** for transport and storage : -30 ° C to + 50 ° C.
 ** in operation : max + 80 ° C.

Maintain fluids or liquids in temperature

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