Thanks to its expertise in the field of electrically conducting polymers, HEATSELF has developed in recent years a mastery of the intrinsic properties of polymers with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC polymers).

The ability of HEATSELF’s polymers to adapt their electrical resistivity as a function of temperature has made it possible to develop collaborations with the space industry, aeronautic, railway and automotive.

HEATSELF conducts studies in partnership with various sectors : space, aeronautics, automotive and railway.

These innovations are carried out in order to perfect the products specific to these markets.

Studies are also carried out as part of the improvement of products already on the market, for which HEATSELF is listening to your needs.

Self-limiting heating cables

HEATSELF self-limiting heating cables are 100% made in France, in our production unit in Normandy, in Saint-Saëns.