Our expertise in heating cables


From chemical formulation on a double screw extruder to the extrusion of self-regulating heating cable in multi-layer, the company HEATSELF controls the entire industrial chain.

Chemical Formulation of Self-Regulating Material

The self-regulating material consists of a hot dispersion of electrically conductive particles in an insulating matrix.

Under electric power, conductive paths allow heating.

The number of conductor paths decreases as the temperature increases : the material self-regulates.

Self-regulating material

Extrusion self-regulating cable

The working of the product with a positive temperature coefficient effect :
The material constituting the heating cable has an electrical resistance sensitive to temperature.

Under electric voltage, this material has an electric power dependent on the thermal environment.

Maintain fluids or liquids in temperature

Protect your tanks, reservoirs, gutters, hoses and pipes with heating wires. Keep fluid or liquid in temperature with self-regulating heating cables.