SEINARI, Agency of the Innovation in Region Haute-Normandie

The Agency of Innovation is an operational tool that has accompanied HEATSELF in the creation phase and its strategic positioning.

Network Entreprendre

With its network of 67 locations in France, Réseau Entreprendre supports entrepreneurs with personalized and long-term support by a volunteer company manager.

Oséo Innovation

OSEO intervenes in three main areas :
Support for innovation
The guarantee of bank financing and equity interventions
Financing investments and the operating cycle, in partnership with banking institutions.
OSEO supports us in our innovation programs.

European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)

The FEDER (The European Regional Development Fund) aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion within the European Union by collaborating, inter alia, on investment projects in enterprises.

Region Haute Normandie

Chamber of the Commerce and Industry of Rouen

Rouen Initiative

Rouen Initiative joins the national network France Initiative, bringing together more than 240 platforms of local initiatives throughout the country.
Rouen Initiative participated in the creation of the company HEATSELF and on the follow-up sponsorship with Innovapole76, the business incubator in Rouen.
Rouen Initiative


The Region supported the creation of our company with a program of Operation of Development and Assistance to the Creation of Company.

The advisors of the Rouen business incubator, Innovapôle76, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rouen have offered us tailor-made support to start our business. This support focuses on the innovation we offer in our product offering.

Total, with its Total Regional Development structure

Total Regional Development supports SMEs and entrepreneurs, promotes the creation and maintenance of sustainable jobs and carries out innovative projects.

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