Heating cables for automotive

Collaborations with the automotive industry have just been initiated for various functions such as the depollution of diesel thermal engines, thermal comfort and other.

Indeed, HEATSELF is working on a technology to keep the tanks and tubes carrying urea at the exhaust line in temperature. Urea mixing with the exhaust gas can significantly reduce nitrogen oxides from engine combustion.

Unfortunately, urea is a cold sensitive product. It is at this level that HEATSELF intervenes with its technology to keep the urea within a temperature range allowing an optimal depollution of the motor gases.

HEATSELF technology avoids the use of sensors or limiters. Its simplicity of implementation positions it as a technology to be developed for these applications.

HEATSELF is also present in the car interior for a better distribution of hot zones. Indeed this allows to benefit from a thermal comfort without deploying a strong energy to heat the whole of the cockpit.

Maintain fluids or liquids in temperature

Protect your tanks, reservoirs, gutters, hoses and pipes with heating wires. Keep fluid or liquid in temperature with self-regulating heating cables.