Heatself : Overview

Meeting the needs of industries and the building industry is the goal of the company HEATSELF. The space industry, aerospace, petrochemical and agri-food industries are examples of our know-how. From the residential to the collective to the infrastructure are the building markets that today HEATSELF.

The company HEATSELF is equipped with the means to study, design, manufacture and commercialize technically developed products by having a design office exclusively dedicated to the technologies of temperature maintenance and Protection against freezing. An industrial tool based on technical expertise in the field of polymers, their transformation and their use.

In addition to the product offering of self-regulating cables, HEATSELF offers the supply of electrical tracing accessories and services ranging from diagnostics to advice and implementation. Serving customers is the vocation of HEATSELF. The means used to meet them is creativity in the development of products and services. This enabled the company to initiate, from its inception, an approach to process and product innovation :

  • A process innovation by developing industrial tools on the site of Saint Saëns (76680).
  • A product innovation by carrying out collaborative projects with the space industry and aeronautics to bring new solutions to the tracing market.

With a quality management policy, HEATSELF is in the process of ISO 9001 and EN9100 certification.

At its inception HEATSELF was supported by :

  • The SEINARI incubator, the Innovation Agency in Haute-Normandie,
  • The innovative enterprise incubator INNOVAPOLE 76, of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Seine-Maritime with its platform of local initiative of Rouen Initiative,
  • OSEO Innovation Rouen
  • Network Entreprendre Seine-Maritime and Eure
  • The Haute-Normandie Region
  • The European Regional Development Fund, FEDER in french

Maintain fluids or liquids in temperature

Protect your tanks, reservoirs, gutters, hoses and pipes with heating wires. Keep fluid or liquid in temperature with self-regulating heating cables.