Protective connection of the heating cable between the connection box and the thermal insulation.


• Quick coupling with lock nut
• Protective sheath, length 500mm.

Thermal insulation sleeve


If the self-limiting cable compensates for energy losses, insulation is used to insulate heating, cooling and air-conditioning pipes and to limit energy losses.

Increasing the thickness of the insulation used reduces energy loss.


Closed cell flexible insulating sleeve
Sleeve made of synthetic rubber (elastomer)
A sleeve split along its length and provided with an adhesive strip of cover with detachable protector

Length 2 meters - Color black

Thickness of 9, 13, 19, 25 and 32 mm ; Diameter from 12 to 160 mm

Thermal conductivity : 0.035 W / (m.k) at 10 ° C
Thermal conductivity : 0.038 W / (m.k) at 40 ° C
Thermal conductivity : 0.041 W / (m.k) at 70 ° C

Maintain fluids or liquids in temperature

Protect your tanks, reservoirs, gutters, hoses and pipes with heating wires. Keep fluid or liquid in temperature with self-regulating heating cables.