Heating cables : Range M800

Function :

Self-regulating heating cable for maintaining temperature of pipes, equipments and cisterns.

  • Decrease heat insulation thickness.
  • Ensure proper flow of fluids.
  • Instant hot water.
  • Ovoid circulating pumps and balancing valves.
  • Easy to use.
  • No maintenance.

1 Electrical semi-conductive polymer
2 Nickel Plated Copper Strand
3 Polyolefin Electric Insulation
4 Aluminium/polyester shielding tape with overlap 8 x diameter 0.4 mm
5 Thermoplastic outer jacket, Thermoplastic elastomer, Thermoplastic polymer vulcanized, polyurethane

Features :

Supply electrical voltage : 230Vac

Maximum rating temperature with power on : 80°C
Maximum exposure temperature power off : 100°C
Temperature classification (according to European Standard EN 50014) : T4 (135°C)
Minimum installation temperature : -20°C

Minimum bend radius at -20°C : 30 mm
Minimum bend radius at 20°C : 13 mm

Weight : 90 kg/km

Maximum conductor resistance at 20°C : 15,29 Ohms/km
Electrical protection resistance : 14 Ohms/km
Diameter conductor stranded nickelled copper : 1.43 mm
Section conductor : 1.23 mm²

Color : Black

Properties :

Application :

Area classification
Ordinary area

Nature of pipe
Painted surface
Stainless steel

Chemical resistance
Elastomer thermoplastic

Electric protection
Self-regulating cables must be installed with a circuit breaker or a differential magneto interrupter (curve C or K) 30mA caliber in order to assure physical people and self-regulating tape protection. (D NFC 15-100 Norm).

Indispensable accessories for installation :
Endings kit (KT01), connection case (BR03), aluminium adhésive tape (A01), Thermostat (TH01).

Installation accessories :
Case support (SB01), stainless steel collars (CL01).

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